Aquaman Movie Review: DC's upcoming superhero movie has received a lot of appreciation!


After making an appearance in DC's 2 of the biggest projects; Superman VS Batman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, Jason Momoa as Aquaman has finally got its first independent movie. Although, Aquaman's trailer created a lot of buzz throughout the globe but the movie has a different tale to tell.

Directed by James Wan, Aquaman is the origin story of Arthur Curry as Jason Momoa who is half-human and half-god. Our seaborne superhero, Aquaman got a lot of attention in the previous DC Comics' movies but this time, something unexpected took place.

Let us give you a brief peek inside the plot and cinematography of DC Comics and Warner Bros' Aquaman:

There is no denying of the fact that Aquaman is a part of the DC's extended universe and is popular as well. However, the story is about the journey of a Seaborne demi-god who has been raised by a human father on land.

The story begins with Nicole Kidman in the role of Aquaman's mother, Atlanna who is running away from an estranged that took place in the mystical underwater world of Atlantis. Somehow, Atlanna ends up on the shore where Aquaman's human-father, Tom Curry finds her. The two instantly fall in love with each other and give birth to seaborne-demigod, Arthur Curry aka Aquaman.

In a yet-another unfortunate event, stormtroopers from the underwater world kidnaps Atlanna (Nicole) and takes her back to Atlantis, leaving a child behind. The first-half of the movie deals with the early life and training of our superhero. And undoubtedly, Arthur Curry's early life is compelling but there are some flaws in the movie.

For instance, the makers failed to mention the instance where Aquaman aka Arthur gets the unusual tattoos all over his body (which are a major part of his appearance). Unlike other superheroes, Jason as Aquaman is not looking for answers involving his past and powers. Instead, this DC superhero is cool with drinking like a fish.

There are quite a few spine-chilling scenes involving a scene where a young Arthur is bullied by other kids in an aquarium where a shark nearly breaks the glass for saving him. And also, the scene were Aquaman acknowledges his powers for the first time, will give you goosebumps.

Soon, Aquaman's half-brother declares a war on the residents of the land by uniting the denizens of the ocean. Jason aka Aquaman had to put his drink aside for saving the humans from seaborne monsters and underwater world's army.

What follow next is the CGI-filled underwater action-sequences which are not as good as expected but the use of colors is tremendous. Gigantic sea creatures and a town full of half-human and half-god underwater, will win your heart but not for long. The saddest part of the movie is that Kidman misses majority of the action in the movie.

The underwater world of Atlantis is visually stunning and the credit for which solely goes to the director Wan. Main highlights include the final battle-scene and gigantic underwater dives taken by our seaborne superhero.

DC and Warner Bros' Aquaman is fun-ride which will surely entertain you but if you are into it for a deep-story and relatable scenes then you may get disappointed. As per our final verdict, we will like to award 6 out of 10 stars to the Jason Momoa starring movie

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