Deadpool 2 Movie Review: Marvel drops another blockbuster!


Finaaaaaaally, the wait is over! Soon after the release of Marvel's Avengers Infinity War, people started waiting for Ryan Reynold's starrer Deadpool franchise's second installment. The anti-hero hero flick by Marvel Studios, Deadpool is famous for his eccentric style and bold dialogue deliveries.

Last time as we remember, Deadpool was after an evil mutant-scientist known as 'Francis' who turned him into yet-another eviler mutant 'Deadpool'. It won't be wrong to say that Deadpool's first part was not properly bonded in a story whereas the second installment begs to differ.

As the second installment of Deadpool is about to release tomorrow, we got our hands onto one of the paid-previews to give a better review of this much-awaited movie. Undoubtedly, the second part of this installment is full of action and is a fun two-hour ride which is worth every penny.

Well! This time it ain't personal for Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. In this movie, Wade decides to help a fellow, young mutant Russell who has some serious anger-management issues. Russell takes Deadpool's help in bringing down the time-travelling villain, Cable being played by Josh Brolin.

And that is when Deadpool Inc. starts recruiting members for the gang whose motto is to bring down Cable. Another factor which makes this two-hour ride fun is the newly recruited Domino whose superpower is that she is lucky. Domino does not add much to the action part of the movie but watching her luck take-over is a lot of fun.

Julian Dennison once again prove that this kid is no ordinary and makes a great team once paired up with Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool. Credited screenplay-writer Ryan Reynolds made the humor even more relate-able and natural which would not have been possible without Ryan on-board.

Director David Leitch left no stones un-turned for making action sequences worth the watch. Also, a situatory warning; Deadpool 2 is not for the ones with a weak heart as the action and violence is quite intense. The final verdict on the review of the second installment of this anti-hero movie is that if you loved the first part then you are going to love the second one.

We will give it 8 out of 10 stars because of the anti-heroism, badass-ness and Ryan Reynolds. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets for tomorrow if you are up for some a**-bashing action.

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