Escape Room movie review: Insidious hit maker's recent creation will turn theater into a room you must escape!


Insidious: The Last Key director Adam Robitel has once again returned with a spine-chilling subject for scaring the s**t out of his fans. Soon after the trailer of Escape Room released on 19th October 2018, horror-buffs throughout the globe began waiting for its release.

Finally, the much awaited psychological-horror movie, Escape Room has hit the theatres and is receiving a mixed response. And the actual reason behind its average response lies within the elements of its story.

Let us brief you about the overall experience of watching Insidious maker's recently released fantasy-drama, Escape Room:

As witnessed in the trailer, a handful of people with no connection whatsoever, receive a strange box as a token of invitation for an Escape Room. For those who are not familiar, 'Escape Room' is a theme-based cafe which allows customers to solve puzzles for getting out.

As mentioned, a group of people including shy student Zoey (Taylor Russell), convenience-store worker Ben (Logan Miller), army vet Amanda (Deborah Ann Woll), overweight schlub Mike (Tyler Labine), nerdy gamer Danny (Nik Dodani), and arrogant financial trader Jason (Jay Ellis), receive invitation to an Escape Room challenge and declares that the winner will be awarded $10k.

Sadly, the contestants are not informed about what will happen to the losers. Apparently, death is waiting for the losers. Soon the contenders realise that this game is not normal and that all the clues are related to a past horrific incident related to the participants.

What started as a mystery room challenge seems to feel like 2004 American horror film franchise, Saw. And that is when audience loses its grip. There is no denying about the fact that excessive violence and creative death patterns are scary but it is not conventional horror.

Before you know, Adam's directorial Escape Room shifts genre from horror-thriller to mystery-crime. The bloodshed gets nastier with several such moments which are inhuman to watch.

The so-created room has infite dimensions and it gets immensely difficult to conclude whether it is actually happening or are the characters tripping together. As per our final verdict, Escape Room will turn theater into a room which you will surely want to escape.

We will like to award 3 out of 10 stars to the Robitel directorial. Please share your views in the comment's section below. And stay tuned for more entertainment related updates

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