Firangi Movie Review: This movie is everything excluding story and entertainment


There has been a lot being said about India's ace comedian, Kapil Sharma but still all his fans were excited for the second film of his career, Firangi. Now that the film has hit the theaters, lets see what the fate lies for the movie.

Set in the year 1921, the story tells the tale of two small villages of Punjab- Behrampur and another weird sounding name. Its about a useless brat, Mangatram aka Manga (Kapil Sharma) who has a special god’s gift. He can treat anyone’s backache just by kicking down his ass. He wants to be a policeman and his power impresses the head of British Mark Daniels (Edward Sonnenblick), who then hires Manga in his team. In another angle, we have Raja Indraveer Singh (Kumud Mishra) who’s close friend to Daniels. Agreeing to Daniels’ propose of marrying his daughter, greedy Indraveer Singh signs a deal where he’ll get 60% of shares of an alcohol company Daniels want to set up in India. Manga finds his love in Sargi (Ishita Dutta), who’s from the weird sounding village which is in danger because of the deal made by Indraveer Singh. Rest of the story is all about how Manga, eventually, turns out to be a saviour and helps the villagers to retain their place.

Kapil Sharma

There's not too much to think about it, but the movie is very poorly executed. Not just in the terms of acting and story but also considering the tacky production values. There is no point in the film where you will feel like giggling, it is worse than the worst comedy film. Firangi is 2 hours ‘unbearable’ 38 minutes long which is another addition to the list of ‘most annoying things about the film’. Rajiev mashes up this to be Lagaan without a story, entertainment and cricket.

Kapil Sharma

I want to request Kapil Sharma to please come back to the television, because this is just not for him. After laughing aloud with him for so many years, we can’t see him with a straight face & clueless of what he’s doing. Ishita Dutt was okayish in her act. She portrayed a 1921's simple girl who runs away when his boyfriend touches her cheeks. All she had to do was blush and smile for 2 hours. Even Rajesh Sharma couldn't save the film and Kumud Mushra became a victim of lousy writing.

Kapil Sharma

Helmed by the person who directed the first few episodes of Comedy Nights with Kapil, has taken the budget and film too seriously and ended up making an absolute blunder. There are some nonsensical loopholes which might force you to leave the film midway. Music by Jatinder Shah, too, is a yawn-fest. Not a single song which could be remembered does nothing but adds more minutes to end the pain.

Directed by Rajiev Dhingra, needless to say, Firangi was a horrible mistake for Kapil Sharma and we would give 3/10 to this film. Watch at your own risk!

By~Vibhuti Gupta

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