Ghoul Review: Spine chilling mini-series which is scary but logical!


The whole internet has gone crazy for Sacred Games actor Radhika Apte's recently released scary mini-series, Ghoul. Soon after the success of Netflix India's Sacred Games, Netflix came up with yet-another mini-series directed by Vikramaditya Motwani.

The series referred as Ghoul is based on a covert Intelligence Bureau investigation of a terrorist who is actually a supernatural imposter. The main character of a fierce interrogation officer, Nida Ahmed is being portrayed by none-other-than Manjhi actress Radhika Apte.

Vikramaditya Motwani's directorial Ghoul is set in a fictional future where India's system is completely biased to the Islamic minority and is taking all the steps required for eliminating the Islamic ideology in the name of counter-terrorism.

IO Nida Ahmed, who is a Muslim girl, is fighting for the system as she is completely opposed by the idea of religious education and biasness. The series is slightly slow in the beginning and it takes a while to acknowledge the story and characters. The first episode of this series shows a villainous Muslim terrorist, Bilal Saeed who is being captured by the military forces.

And then the series takes you back from where it all started. Nida who is a truthful officer finds out that his father is carrying some illegal Islamic literature which made him a fugitive. Being an honest officer, Nida reports the notorious acts of her father and gets him jailed or as said in the series as 'Waapsi'.

Blinded by the faux theories of government, Nida failed to see the obvious. Soon after getting her father behind the bars, Radhika aka Nida is called for a covert interrogation mission of the recently caught terrorist Ali Saeed.

And then begins the second episode which is titled as 'Nightmares will begin'. The second episode is about the discovery of the supernatural imposter of Ali Saeed who is in the custody of Advanced Intelligence Bureau and Radhika Apte.

The whole prison including the guards and officers start getting nightmares which messes up with their mind. Sooner inspector Nida finds out that the one arrested by the forces is not Ali Saeed but an imposter which is not-at-all human. As expected, the whole team finds it difficult to accept Nida's conclusion about the terrorist which leads to a lot of bloodshed.

After bloody fights and tons of screaming, finally Nida finds out that the demon/ghoul behind the bars was called by none-other-than her father for fighting with the biased system and its hypocrisy.

The third episode deals with Radhika’s final encounter with the Ghoul whose main motive was to kill each and every official of the detention centre where Nida’s father died. After doing so, Radhika is held as a fugitive as the system once again failed to digest the truth.

Amazing sound and visual effects makes these three episodes a perfect binge-watch. However, it is difficult to say that you will be interested in the series or not. The turns and twists in the series were pretty much predictable and the script is not scary as well.

The whole project reflects a well-funded background which led to the splendid sound and video effects. Also, the powerful performance of Radhika Apte, Manav Kaul and Mahesh Balraj makes it a must-watch for everyone. Therefore, we will like to award this series 6 out of 10 stars.

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