Helicopter Eela Movie Review: Enter at your own risk for this helicopter ride


We're glad to have Kajol back on the silver screen but why this one? After creating such a great benchmark in the film industry, we surely expected a lot more than this helicopter ride. We know that the motherly instinct starts to show when you have two children of your own, however, Helicopter Eela was surely not the right script to make your powerful comeback!

Eela (Kajol), is an obsessed single mother with her son Vivan (Riddhi Sen). I mean, she is so obsessed that she decides to get admission in the same school as his child. Imagine? Well, out of nowehere we're taken to an unnecessry flashback which shows Eela as a dreamer who wants to be a singer in the 90s. We meet her then-boyfriend, Arun, her Zindagi and honestly, those flashbacks were useless and there are just way too many cameos in them including Anu Malik, Mahesh Bhatt, Ila Arun, Baba Sehgal and Alisha Chinai. In the meanwhile, Eela's illogical reasoining and obsession creates a void in the mother-son relationship but how they solve everything only to fall back together is what the story is all about.

Inspired from Anand Gandhi’s Gujarati play Beta, Kaagdo, the script of the film has been penned by Mitesh Shah. From Eela's evolution of live your dream girl to being a Helicopter parent and annoying the life out of his son, the script is poorly written. Though it tries to reach out to you emotionally at certain scenes but it falls back miserably! Trust me, you'll be rooting for the climax to come because the makers failed in creating well-misunderstanding between the mother and son; and that's where the movie failed!

What can you expect from Kajol? She will obviously bring a smile on your face with her eccentric performance. Anyone else expect Kajol would've let the film ruin them too but Kajol surely did make the most of this opportunity! National Award winning actor Riddhi Sen, does a fair job of a frustated son. With his attitude and emotions on-point, the film could've done wonders with a strong script. Tota Roy Chowdhury, for a considerable amount of screen space, does a fair job. Nothing memorable from the rest of the supporting cast.

After making a memorable directorial debut in 2005 Saif Ali Khan and Vidya Balan starrer Parineeta, Pradeep Sarkar proves himself as an average director. The film has nothing meaningful expect a few delightful moments and thanks to Kajol for that! Honestly, there are a number of changes that need to be made in the movie and focus on something specific to make things clearer. Amit Trivedi's music even couldn't save this sinking ship. Mumma ki Parchai does a good job but feels a little forced. Shilpa Rao’s Chand Lamhe turned out to be a waste as well (I was personally rooting for this one!)

A boring movie but you can watch it for Kajol, if you'd like. She and Riddhi are the only worthwhile faces in this venture. Just know that you have many other amazing options this week too- so why settle? THREE AND A HALF STARS!

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