LoveYatri Movie Review: Beware of watching Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain’s garba movie!


They say love makes you go around the world but hold that thought till after you watch Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain's debut movie, LoveYatri! With no words, the only takeaway I got from this movie is when in trouble just do garba! LoveYatri introduces Salman Khan's brother-in-law Aayush Sharma, director Abhiraj Minawala and gorgeous beauty Warina Hussain. Bankrolled by, of course, Salman Khan, the film is produced by Aditya Chopra's Yash Raj Films.

LoveYatri starts with Susu aka Sushrut (Aayush Sharma), who is a pure Garba freak and teacher with no other aim in life. He spends his time with his two best friends Rocket and Negative, who just want to find a nice girl for Susu during Navratri. While preparing for the nine day festival, little did Susu knew that he is, in fact, going to fall in love with Michelle (Warina Hussain) a business student from London who visits Vadodara, Gujarat to enjoy the festival. The first half of the movie is entirely about how Susu and Michelle meet and how he woos her. The movie has funny moments but not that much. And just you think that Susu and Michelle are about to get their 'happily ever after', Michelle's father (Ronit Roy) successfully creates a misunderstanding between them and Michelle returns to London. What happens next? Will Susu will his love back is what the story is all about!

Truth be told, LoveYatri has nothing new to offer. The same rich girl falls for poor boy and later, the girl's evil dad has a change of heart and they live happily ever after. If only Niren Bhatt could've experimented a little with the whole plot and brought something new for Aayush and Warina's debut movie! The dialogues are just average and neither is the direction well. With cliched plots and flat direction, LoveYatri is a total box-office disaster!

Aayush Sharma has very little presence and even less expression. He dances, plays, does everything but there aren't many expressions; only a big smile. WHY? And, Aayush did flaunt his abs in the very first scene of the movie because jeeja ji ki picture hai yaar! Warina Hussain, on the other hand, looks gorgeous as a daydream and is easy on the eyes but again, DOES NOT know how to act! The only entertainment source I got in the movie was Ram Kapoor. Ronit Roy and his love for giantwheels to drop life-gyaan is class apart! The antagonist of the movie, Pratik Gandhi, does take your attention and makes an impactful screen presence, however, we don't see him much!

With a fresh new pair, LoveYatri also welcomes debut director Abhiraj Minawala, but unluckily he's not given us anything worth remembering. The script has flaws and don't get me started about the direction of the movie. The only and foot-tapping songs the movie has are Dholida and Chogada. They're pretty much addictive too!

If nothing more to say, LoveYatri gets no more than TWO STARS!

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