Mary Poppins Returns movie review: Emily Blunt as the magical nanny takes you on a musical ride!


1964 hit Disney movie Mary Poppins won a billion hearts and profoundly became an instant hit. It is such a surprise that Disney took more than 50 years for making a sequel to their much-popular children movie which is based on the wealthy family of Banks.

When Jane and Michael Banks, children of the wealthy 'Banks family' are assigned a nanny named as Mary Poppins. It turns out that the nanny is actually a fairy who is always up for fantastical adventures with the kids. The so-confused siblings; Jane and Michael try to tell their preoccupied parents which turns out to be a yet-another adventure.

Disney's musical-franchise, Mary Poppins has finally received a sequel, which is directed by Into the Woods and Annie hit-maker, Rob Marshall. The sequel of Mary Poppins is set in the future of then-kids Jane Banks and her brother Michael Banks, who is a widower and a father of three kids (in the present timeline).

The character of Michael Banks is comfortably portrayed by Ben Whishaw, who is seen making acquaintance with Emily Blunt aka Mary Poppins in its trailer. Produced by John DeLuca and Rob Marshall, Mary Poppins Returns is filled with shots of nostalgia.

In an attempt of recreating the magic of a Disney Classic, Marshall and actors including Emily, Whishaw, Dick Van Dyke, Colin Firth and others have done a commendable job.

But it won't be wrong to say that Disney's second instalment to 50-year-old classic movie may fail in amusing adult viewers. However, this time Mary will have to help the family of Banks in saving their home.

And as expected Mary Poppins aka Blunt uses her heavenly-powers for doing the right. Disney's musical franchise Mary Poppins Returns is a must watch for your kids for making them a believer in good despite of the situation.

Therefore, if you are trying to find a way of keeping your kids busy for 2-hours then Mary Poppins Returns is the best way to help you. As per our final verdict, we will like to award 5 out of 10 stars to the Rob Marshall directorial.

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