M.I. Fallout Movie Review: Christopher McQuarrie's fine direction and Cruise's dedication is praiseworthy


Let's be honest; the last part of Tom Cruise's M.I. series, Rogue Nation was not as good as it was expected to be. And neither was 'Ghost Protocol' which is known for Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor's cameo in the movie. But you must not confuse 'Fallout' with any other film of the series.

Directed and written by Christopher McQuarrie, Mission Impossible: Fallout is undoubtedly the finest movie from the franchise. The movie begins with Ethan and his team stuck in a dark alley surrounded by enemies and the quest for collecting nuclear weapons-before it falls in the wrong hands-begin.

Like the previous films, this time also the whole world is at stake and the Impossible Mission Force (IMF) decides on pairing Ethan Hunt aka Tom Cruise with Beefcake aka August Walker being played by Henry Cavill for preventing a nuclear war.

There are a lot of surprise-elements which will make you go head over heels in the theater. One of which is Henry Cavill as a ramrod agent August Walker who is in constant competition with 52-years-old Ethan Hunt throughout the movie.

Yet-another surprise element of the movie is the portrayal of action sequences which will remind you of the fine-class of action which has been missing in the previous M.I. movies. Also, fans will be able to witness Princess Margaret from 'The Crown' aka Vanessa Kirby in an all-new avatar.

In the midst of a war-like state, the competitive-relationship between Henry Cavill and Tom pools in a lot of humor. A well-written script and beautiful action scenes make this movie, a worth watching film.

In the end, we would like to praise the dedication of 52-years-old actor Tom Cruise who has performed some death-defying stunts by himself for pleasing the audience. Well, The Vanilla Sky actor's dedication needs to be seriously noted. In case, you have missed the last part i.e., 'Rogue Nation' then you must watch it before you book your seats for 'Fallout'. Mission Impossible: Fallout revolves a lot around the previous part.

Whether you are a fan of Hollywood action movies or not: you must watch the sixth part of Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible series. As the final verdict, we will like to give 7 out 10 stars to this movie.

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