October Movie Review: Some tales are best when, incomplete!


We've all been eagerly waitiing for Varun Dhawan and debutante Banita Sandhu starrer, October to hit the theatres and finally the day has come.

The story is about two hotel management students working for the same hotel, Dan (Varun Dhawan) and Shiuli (Banita Sandhu). Dan is this hooded-hunk who’s blunt and innocent possessing the qualities of a carefree teenager. Dan is disturbed with his professional life because his honesty usually lands him in trouble. On the other hand, Shiuli is a smart employee who is always focused at her career. However, these both never interacted but when Shiuli is hospitalized, her last question of "Where's Dan?" revolves in Dan's might throughout. The entire story revolves around how Dan falls for this bedridden Shiuli in the quest of searching an incomplete piece to fill up this incomplete yet beautiful puzzle.

Juhi Chaturvedi surely made the bravest attempt of all with October. Sometimes a writer goes deep into a story and can’t decide where to stop, this is what Juhi suffers with this story. The script of October is beautifully incomplete. The narration gets repetitive at times and explaining too much drags the plot. 

While watching many questions might come up to you but remember, some stories should be left as they are. Justification could’ve result in losing the essence Shoojit and Juhi have maintained.

After Judwaa 2, Varun Dhawan has proved his worth again. His portrayal of Dan is so effortless; at times you just can’t believe this guy is acting. More than Varun Dhawan’s performance, Dan has this so realistic traits like stammering a bit while talking which makes one believe he isn’t delivering any dialogue but speaking according to the situation. As for debutant Banita Sandhu, she was verbally absent through a major portion of the movie. However, she has emoted Shiuli with the required charm.

With every new project, Shoojit Sircar shows that he always have something new to offer. He has tried to infuse too many metaphors and a lot of subtexts in the film which would connect with a certain section of audience. With October, Shoojit has experimented a new shade of love which remained untouched till yet. Shantanu Moitra’s background score is the brightest color of this abstract painting. It is a song-less film and the entire film has been carried by the background score itself. 

Lastly, all's been said and done but you cannot miss this movie because it deserves no less than 7/10! 

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