Peranbu Movie Review: A beautifully depressed story!


Famous south Indian director Ram has made his mark in Indian cinema with films like Kattradhu Tamizh, Thangameengal, Taramani among others and can add Peranbu to his list as well. His recent release Peranbu starring Mammootty, Saadhana, Anjali, Anjali Ameer is distructive as well as beautiful at the same time. It's an aged drama that would surely touch your heart and might depress you also. It's a film about a father and a daughter coming in terms with life and the surprise elements in the movie is so powerful that it can either make or break a person.

Nobody can predict life and most of us are aware of it. In Ram's Peranbu, reality of life would hit you with bricks and when you walk out of the theatres, the film leaves you with a hard-to-digest kinda feeling which is also crushingly beautiful.

The plot of the movie revolves around a man named Amudhavan (Mammootty), who recently won the custody of his spastic daughter names Paapa (Saadhna) and a series of events which happen in their life. There have been many movies made in the industry which throws light on parent-child bonding but Peranbu is undoubtedly Ram's best work till now as it also explores different phases of the father-daughter relationship in the most sensitive way possible.

Unlike the other stories, Peranbu majorly focuses on a father's understanding about his daughter's sexuality. The story of this movie is narrated in different chapters which aim to make the audience understand that a person’s sexuality is among one of the most natural things and everybody should deal this fact. There's an admirable stretch in the film where Amudhavan seeks the help of a worker in a brothel to find someone who can attend to his daughter. The scene might sound unethical but its shot in such a way that you'll only see a father trying to help his daughter deal with her sexuality. The movie might feel too disturbing after a certain point; some of the scenes are so raw, it's literally shocking. We said it's kind of disturbing as these scenes would enable you to see life from a perspective of two completely different personalities. Initially, when he takes up the custody of his daughter, he behaves like a normal parent but as the story progresses, he transforms into a good friend for her and this transformation comes with its share of life leanings.

Most importantly Paranbu teaches us it's okay not to judge people. When Amudhavan’s wife leaves him for another man, he does't cringe and rather admits that she's still not a bad woman at all. When he meets Meera (Anjali Ameer), who plays a transsexual sex worker, he does not judge her profession. It must take a lot for a mainstream actor, especially who's as renowned as Mammootty, to yes for such a role and then portray it so gracefully on screen. All the other actors in the film as well be it Anjali or Sadhana, seemed irreplaceable.

Peranbu is a beautiful film and we suggest you must watch it for the sensitivity brought the brilliant actors into their respective roles. We rate the movie a good 7.5 out of 10!

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