Sacred Games Review: Powerful dialogues and justified bloodshed will surely make you binge-watch it!


One of the most anticipated TV series in India, Sacred Games is finally released on Netflix. The story is about a ferocious Indian gangster, Ganesh Gaitonde being played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is being chased by a loyal IPS officer Sartaj Singh.

Sacred Games will take you through the dark roads of India. But the question still remains whether it is worth binge-watching or not. Indeed, it is. If you like action-thrillers and are comfortable with blood-shed then its well-written story and powerful performances will not let you blink, even for once.

The story as previously mentioned revolves around an Indian gangster, Ganesh Gaitonde who is responsible for multiple murders and crimes in 80's and 90's Bombay. Nawazuddin aka Ganesh who goes underground for dismissing trouble, plans to resurface the streets of Mumbai once again.

While planning his return, Ganesh makes a call to none-other-than the tough cop Saif Ali Khan aka Sartaj Singh. Now, the main reason behind calling Sartaj was that Ganesh does not trust anyone (not even his partners) but Sartaj Singh.

He plans to pull multiple heists in the city and informs Sartaj that he has only 25-days to save Mumbai. But surprisingly, Sartaj Singh kills Gaitonde who leaves behind a box. Now, Sartaj gets more anxious and confused about what will happen after the 25th-day.

The story then follows nail-biting series of events which will completely blow off your top. After a certain point of time, the blood-shed and Mumbai's mafia will completely occupy your mind which will eventually led to binge-watching. After witnessing the first few episodes and character line-ups of the story, we will give this series 7 out of 10 rating.

So, if you love thrillers and blood-shed is what you wish for then Sacred Games is the perfect series for you. Stay tuned for more movie and TV show reviews

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