Serenity (2019) Movie Review: An absurd film with lots of ridiculous twists!


Few minutes into Steven Knight's Serenity, will explain that the movie is a complete saltwater-sanded puzzle. The starry cast of the movie includes Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey and Diane Lane among others.

The plot of Serenity takes place on a bizarre island known as Plymouth, where people speak English mixed with French and where the American dollars are exchanged but the cars are seen sporting European plates. Churches could be seen down every hill while all the fishermen pay tribute to the Hindu goddess Kali before their voyages at sea. You may spend a too much time during the film wondering where on earth this movie has been shot, where the landscape is tropical but gorgeous. The film is originally shot on an island of Mauritius; although, the unexplained nature of the place might mislead.

Lead character, Baker Dill played by Matthew McConaughey, is basically on a mission to catch a huge tuna fish on his boat dubbed Justice. Every single day, he struggles to catch that particular fish and keep coming with new strategies. Everyday, he's shown visiting his lover, Constance played by Diane Lane and grabbing a drink at the local watering hole filled with salty characters like his friend played by Djimon Hounsou. He's seen gossiping and discussing news with the bartender; also every day, a suited spectacled salesman played by Jeremy Strong, pursues him across the island.

So, Baker Dill keeps on struggling to persue his quest in the same routine each day until an attractive woman from his past Karen, played by Anne Hathaway walks into the same bar and makes a strange request. She asks him to kill her husband! And, at this point in the film, you're like really? out of all the bars on this exotic island, she steps here and then wants her ex-husband to kill her current husband.

Well, as you may have guess Baker's simple life is shattered when Karen tracks his down. She is in desperate need of help and literally begs him to save her as well as her son from her abusive husband. She suggests a plan, where she'd take her current husband for a fishing excursion on Matthew's boat and then throw him among the sharks. Eventually, Baker Dill finds him highly confused to choose between right and wrong. We felt the makers of the film were too eager to reveal too much at once as they were always dropping hints spoiling the element of surprise.

Even if we tell you all the twists and what happen in the climax, it will not ruin the story completely. Serenity is a film more about its journey and not about its destination. It's all kinds of absurd and could make you go bonkers with all the twists. It's a must watch if you love Anne Hathaway or if you're into cinema that doesn't makes sense in the end. If not, we suggest you miss this one. We rate this preposterous and ridiculous film only 3 out of 10!

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