Sui Dhaaga Movie Review: Anushka Sharma & Varun Dhawan pave their way through superstardom!


Sui Dhaaga: Made in India gives you what was promised: a tale stitched together with ‘sui-dhaaga’, dipped in desi ‘silaai’ and ‘kadhaai’. It is a simple story about love and self-respect. The movie revolves around the life of an ordinary couple Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and Mamta (Anushka Sharma), who wish to live a simple life but with respect and dignity. It is a sweet tale with only one problem: the movie is too predictable!

While Mauji is blessed with the skills of tailoring but still, he is a good-for-nothing husband. But Mamta being a traditional girl from India, she couldn't let her husband go to waste so she takes it upon herself to make him realise how he’s worth more than the life he’s living. What do you expect happens next? Mauji quits his job and decides to do things his way by installing a sewing machine on the road! Don’t think it’s that easy; Mauji faces obstacles but Mamta and he together, bring out the best in everything.

On the other side of the story, we see a complaining father (Raghubir Yadav), who is retiring from a no-account job, an elder brother with a typical wife and a homilies homely mother; but Mamta and Mauji do everything they can to keep their dreams intact. After many hardships and struggles, Mauji & Mamta end up working at a factory only to realise that they work is being labeled by big fish in the market; bringing them back to square one. What happens next in this extraordinary fight is what you will have to go and see!

I hate to say this but Dum Laga Ke Haisha fame Sharat Katariya's script is the weakest link of them all. Every frame, every turn was just predictable. You could know what's going to happen next from a mile before! Trying to re-create the Shubh Mangal Saavdhan setup, the film failed at hilarious dialogues as well. It's not wrong to say that knowing this movie has Sharat Katariya on the director's chair did make us expect a lot, however, there comes a time when the struggle shown seems artificial and doesn’t really strike the right chords. With average screenplay and a build-up climax, Sui Dhaaga: Made in India is not a bad idea to give a miss!

Moving on to the star cast, what do you think? How were Anushka Sharma Kohli and Varun Dhawan's performance? Drumroll, please! Both of them were beyond our imagination. They were amazing! While Pari and October released not so long ago but still, Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan were like a breath of fresh air in the movie. They honestly portrayed their characters. Varun and his limitless presence of screen will make your heart melt and Anushka Sharma makes you feel independent and ambitious, she was the reason why Mauji did what he should have! I feel bad because Sharat did not explore the many layers in Anushka’s character, Mamta. Raghubir Yadav surely has some hilarious scenes but with an actor of that reputation, a lot more was expected. Yamini Das as Mauji’s mother remains a memorable takeaway for me. She’s as close to reality as it can get and a walking teddy-bear.

Leveling up as a director but stepping down as a scriptwriter, Sharat Katariya filled up the dull and boring vicinities. Although the 'Made in India' campaign had a lot of scope to explore but Sharat stayed focus, just like PadMan in only selling what it aimed for. Khatar Patar, Sui Dhaaga & Chaav Laga are perfectly balanced and Anu Malik does a fair job with the music.

FUN FACT: At the end of the movie, Varun Dhawan has a ‘Pursuit Of Happyness‘ moment in the climax and while writing the review I got to know the background music of the film is given by Andrea Guerra (The man who gave the BGM for Pursuit Of Happyness).

Sui Dhaaga – Made In India is a perfect family entertainer but you can give it is a miss as well! Just one request, the movie should have had more humour. SEVEN & A HALF STARS!

  • Catch a sneak peek of the happy moments of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli on their first anniversary.

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