The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review: An immature direction leads to disappointment


Anupam Kher starrer movie has finally hit the theatres and to the disappointment of the audience the movie has shockingly turned out to be below the mark. The debutant director, Vijay Ratnakar Gutte’s movie is an adaptation of the book by the similar name written by Sanjaya Baru. Even though the movie could not depict the story as expected by the fans, it involves a commendable performance by the lead actors, Anupam Kher playing Dr Manmohan Singh and Akshaye Khanna who played media advisor Sanjaya Baru’s role onscreen.

The movie begins with 2004 Lok Sabha election where Sonia Gandhi aka Suzanne Bernert wins the election but she has to choose someone else to hold the position due to certain political problems. She chooses Manmohan Singh for the position. But, Anupam Kher even when he has the position doesn’t possess the powers and is merely a puppet in the hands of the Gandhi family. Later, Manmohan Singh through the help of his media advisor Akshaye Khanna understands the tricks of politics. As the story forms its shape, the movie talks about the rest of the story.

The movie is the adaptation of the memoir written by Sanjaya Baru, the script of the movie is written by 4 writers including Vijay Ratnkar Gutte, Mayank Tewar, Karl Dunne and Aditya Sinha. None of the writers have taken the pain changing the direction of the film and introducing the audience to a more factual side of the movie. This further becomes a negative trait of the movie and somewhere or the other results in disconnection with the story among the audience. Also, there appears time on the screen when the scenes look annoying due to weird camera angles. However, the PMO office in the movie is captured in such an amazing way that it just leaves the audience fascinated by the same.

Both, Anupam Kher and Akshaye Khanna play the role to the best of their abilities. Though, there are times in the movie when Dr Singh’s role makes the audience a little annoyed and irritated. But, the writing could have been better. Suzanne Bernert and Arjun Mathur are well depicted through their looks playing the role of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi respectively.

It seems like the debutant director messed up a little with his first movie and created chaos on the screen. Even though the genre of the movie is capable to keep the audience stuck to their seats but the director was just not able to do the same. Maybe, if the movie was directed by someone with experience the case might have been different.

After all, you can watch the movie once to get a peep into Dr Singh’s life and the political circumstances at that time. We award the movie 5.5 stars out of 10. 

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