The Meg Movie Review: Jason Statham on the conquest of capturing a giant SHARK!


Even if you are a fan of Jaw-movies yet you will not be amused by 'The Meg', a giant shark that is supposed to be extinct a couple of thousand years ago. But it is not! The Meg or referred as the Megaladon is giant, crass predator which was undiscovered for a long time.

Directed by Jon Turteltaub, The Meg is a ridiculously expensive yet brainless movie. It won't be wrong to say that Jason Statham starrer 'The Meg' is nothing but 'Jaws-on-steroids’ which is not good either. This movie depicts a poorly-recycled entertainment recipe which is no more intriguing for the audience.

The movie is a sci-fi horror adventure film that features a gigantic shark. Have you watched Jurassic World? Well, if yes then you will surely relate to the gigantic shark. Right in the middle of this sci-fi adventure movie is the 50-year-old actor Jason Staham who did justice to his role regardless of the odds. And the similarity between Jaws and The Meg is just inevitable while watching.

The movie is set in the 70s and is about the team of scientists which work at an underwater research facility known as Mana One. Enters the billionaire weasel that financed the elaborate underwater sea lab, Rainn Wilson is the brain behind the whole expedition. Wilson ropes in Jason Statham for working with the team of Mana One. Fast & Furious actor Jason plays the character of a tough, guilt-ridden sailor who once left a submarine full of sailors to die.

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Now the catch is that Statham's ex-wife happens to be one of the members of Rainn's crew. Hence, Jason is left with no choice but to get on-board for protecting his ex-wife and a single mother played by Li Bingbing and her daughter from the gigantic, villainous megaladon. A ginormous prehistoric shark thought to be extinct, megaladon is yet not extinct and was hiding in the briny depths under some sort of false ocean bottom.

Undoubtedly, the gigantic shark is worth a watch but the story may disappoint you. The team of heroes try to capture the gigantic creature which is followed by a split-second suspense where Jason takes the final shot at the megaladon. And in order to know what happened, you need to watch the movie yourself. We would like to give this movie 5 out of 10 stars for Statham's efforts and the gigantic creature

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