Tumbbad Movie Review: A stunning visual experience which shouldn't be missed!


After much anticipation, Sohum Shah's magnum-opus is finally released in the theaters, near you. And the only question that still remains is whether to watch it or not?

Well, the most honest answer to the above mentioned query is that you must not miss this dramatic tale of a strange deity which is awaken by the greed of human beings. Yes, Tumbbad is that movie which looks something like a darker version of Malgudi-Days but is 100-times more fun to watch.

Talking about the performances of the actors, Talvar actor Sohum Shah leaves no stones unturned in performing the main lead in the movie. Along with Sohum, the movie features Anita Date, Mohammad Samad, Jyoti Malshe and Ronjini Chakraborty in pivotal characters.

Directed by Rahi Anil Barve and Adesh Prasad, Tumbbad takes you straight to the past of the house which contaminates the strange deity of Tumbbad. Set in the early 1918s, Tumbbad is a compelling journey which pulls you into its impressive story-telling.

The movie which is a visual treat deals with the family which has the possession of the house in Tumbbad that holds the deity in its womb. Along with the notorious deity, there are tons of gold buried in that house.

We witness the story through protagonist Sohum Shah's perspective and the story begins during his childhood and ends when he is old. The first half is explanatory and informative which is very important otherwise, the plot may get confusing. the second half is when the movie picks up the pace and the main lead Sohum Shah decides to control things around Tumbbad.

A major part of the movie deals with the portrayal of greed in human beings which cost many lives in the first-half of the movie.

Cinematographer Pankaj Kumar has done an outstanding job by making every frame look elegant and rich.  There is also a lot of makeup, VFX and special effects work that has gone into the making of the film. There are moments that are gory and gruesome to watch, but they all fit in with the genre and mysterious storyline.

As per the final verdict, we will like to award 8 out of 10 stars to the movie

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