Venom Movie Review: Ruben Fleischer’s take on the villainous comic-character fails to grip!


Tom Hardy starrer Venom has finally fit the screens abroad and is yet to release in India on 5th October 2018. Well, there are all types of things being said about the upcoming movie which is based on a comic character by the same name.

There is no denying to the fact that Venom was a much-anticipated project and also, that it is the debut of Venom's character in Sony's universe of Marvel characters. In order to make sure that you know what you've signed for while buying the ticket for Venom, we have listed the ups and downs of the movie.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom tells the tale of an alien creature who takes on the body of journalist Eddie Brock who is being portrayed by the Legend actor. A big-budget movie like Venom surely raised the expectations of the audience.

Talking about the bright parts of the movie; the main story remains the same as that of the original comic book, 'Venom'. Also, the producers have spent a ridiculous amount of money in bringing the alienated creature, Venom look alive on the silver screen.

Well, besides the impressive CGI and 90's original story, there is not much left to look forward in the movie. Warrior actor's performance as the journalist Eddie Brock is surely worth applauding but fails to leave a mark on the audience.

Hardcore Marvel-fans who are intrigued with the concept of Venom, will surely find the movie compelling. However, rest of the audience (especially MCU fans) might feel disappointed.

The story of the lead character Eddie Brock changes when he accidently crosses path with the unknown entity. Venom takes over the Brock's body. And in return, Venom gives Eddie superhuman strength, healing powers, and helps him in fights.

But there are times when, Venom completely takes over, turning Eddie into a black and white hulking monster with giant teeth and eating other people's head.

Soon, Eddie realises that this heinous phenomenon needs to stop and that Venom is getting stronger every time it invades Brock's body.

Meanwhile, a rich tech-savvy scientist named Drake aka Riz Ahmed is trying to capture the entity for the sake of it. There are a lot of things going in the life of Eddie Brick and sometimes, it feels like Eddie aka Tom Hardy is on a solo journey for backing up this project.

Zombieland director took the highway for turning Venom into a reality. The cinematography is way too dark and moody which sometimes leads to a charming outcome but at times, fails terribly.

Sony Pictures production Venom is ages away from the MCU and closely related to the Spider-Verse.

As per the final verdict, we would like to award Venom with 4 out of 10 stars for its eccentric story-telling and strong characters.

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