Viswasam Movie Review: Thala Ajith tries again to save a Siva directorial!


Directed by famous south-Indian director Siva, Viswasam has no new story to tell. Brilliant actors like Ajith and Nayanthara play pivotal roles in this film and Ajith as always tried his best to spead his charm but this movie is dull, if to be described in one word. Viswasam marks the fourth collaboration between Thala Ajith and Siva.

The interval sequence has to be the most important part of any big-budget commercial film even if the first half isn't as impressive. However, filmmaker Siva failed to deliver a decent interval sequence or a convincing second half.

Movie in a nutshell: Ajith indulges you in the world of Thooku Durai, who is a charismatic chieftain who is immensely loved by all of his people but strikes a fear in the heart of his enemies.

Viswasam is a very predictable story, the makers have typecast each and every character in the film with a premise which Siva has already shown us in his previous films like Veeram and Vedalam. A happy-go-lucky guy in a small village who is loved by all elders, children and youth other than some unethical men. He meets a beautiful girl, who is rich and well-educated doctor and is visiting his village for some work purposes. A song and a few typical scenes later, Niranjana (Nayanthara) asks Durai (Thala Ajith) to marry her. She turns down an opportunity to study further in America after she finds out that she's expecting a baby. In the second half, no body talk about her career but now we know her as an ambitious and no-nonsense businesswoman and then she's nowhere. Durai suddenly arrives in Mumbai to save his beloved teenage daughter Sweta, who is caught in an attack. Obviously saves her and their bong grows stronger. And, after realising that Durai is now caring towards her family, will Niranjana change her mind and give one more chance to him? Wow! the director really thought he could create tension with a plot so obvious.

It seems that the director didn't give a damn about anything as long as the story somehow reaches the finish line. Siva puts his audience on a never ending loop of one-dimensional characters. The story jumps from a song to family sentiment scene to a fight scene and then again to a song. Uff! The vicious cycle keeps repeating in all his films, without fail.

Ajith really tried to overshadow the useless story with his charisma but that's what he also did in Siva's last film and last to last film as well. A bad story has again lead to a complete waste of some impeccable talents. We give this movie 4 out of 10 stars and suggest that there are definitely some better movies to watch at the theatres, this month!

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