Ranveer Singh urges youth to rebel via music

The quirky man, Ranveer Singh, is back in action. The actors  urges youth to rebel via music. He advises not to hold back but bring out your rebel self but in a melodious way.

Learn how to rebel via music from Ranveer Singh.
In a new video campaign by youth brand JACK&JONES, the actor has shown his singing skills along with four faces who got an opportunity to rap to a video with the actor himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgfKTfJ70zI At the launch of the second edition of the campaign, the man said, "#DONTHOLDBACK started off as a very small idea, and eventually evolved to a campaign that is now larger than life. The kind of responses that we received for the digital contest was truly exhilarating." Talking about the song, Ranveer said, "The final track that the four rapper boys and I worked on has undoubtedly the most unabashed, unapologetic vibe to it which truly embodies the spirit of the campaign. I am truly grateful for having been given the chance to encourage the talent that the youth of our country possess." #DONTHOLDBACK is already in buzz for its connection with the youth and rap. Have you heard it yet?

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