Bigg Boss Kanada season 6: Here is the complete list of contestants


One of the biggest stars in Kannada films, actor Sudeep is back with the sixth season of Bigg Boss Kannada. This season will be a Mix of films, TV and social media stars along with common people. The show will continue for three months with lots of twist and the contestants will go through a roller coaster ride. And it is expected that the season will be an interesting one to watch.
Popular TV actress Jayashree Raj, who has been part of over 40 TV shows such as Janani, Samagama, Manvanthara, Rathasapthami, Guptagamini and Punyakoti and Sahana, is among the elite contestants of this season.
Here is a complete list of all 18 contestants to be part of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6:
Sonu Patil
Sonu Patil is an Indian film Actress, who has worked predominantly in Kannada movie industry. She is also going to be a part of this season. The actress has done mainly comedy roles in all the movies that she has done till now.
Andrew Jaypaul
Andrew Jaypaul is basically an event manager who entered into the Bigg Boss house as a second contestant in a commoner category of season 6. Andrew is a foodie in nature.
Jayshree Raj
She is well-known for her role in the TV serial Mayam Mruga and Bigg Boss season 10 might open avenues for her.
MJ Rakesh
He is the Radio Jockey is also one of Bigg Boss contestants in season 6. He will be worth watching whether he will win the show or not as he is a radio jockey so he might be a good entertainer.
He is famous for his show Oggarane Dabbi and has enjoyed a decent fan following. Needless to say, his fans might help him to win the show.
Akshatha Pandavapura
Akshatha is a commoner and comes from a theatre background and it is worth watching how far she can go on the show.
Rakshita Rai
She is a sportsperson and hails from Mangalore. We are excited to see her on the show as she is also a commoner.
Kavita Godwa
She is a famous TV actress to enter in the Bigg Boss season 6.
Adam Pasha
This contestant of the house belongs to the LGBTQ community. He is the first Drag Queen from Bangaluru.
Rapid Rashmi
She is a Radio Jockey and she is also one of the contestants in Bigg Boss season 6.
A V Ravi
He is a bodybuilder and has won Mr. India seven times. He is considered the best Indian when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding.
Shashi Kumar    
He is a farmer from Chikkaballapura who is also known for his folk dance.
Reema Dias
She is a common person who hails from Puttar and works in an IT firm. She is selected as a contender of Bigg Boss season 6.
Naveen Sajju
He is the singer who has sung for over 100 movies is also one of the contestants of the house.
Sneha Acharya
She is an actress whose debut film is Josh. She is also a choreographer who has worked with Bollywood stars like Govinda, Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra among many others.
He is another contestant of the house and is a bus conductor and hails from Yadgir.
He is also one of the contestants of the house. He is a voice-over artist and a struggling actor.
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