Netflix Removes ‘Annapoorani’ Following Legal Disputes and Complaints

The movie ‘Annapoorani,’ featuring Nayanthara, has been pulled from Netflix amid legal disputes. Ramesh Solanki, founder of the Hindu IT cell, filed a complaint, alleging that the film offended Hindu religious sentiments. The complaint targeted various individuals, including actors Nayanthara and Jai, writer-director Nilesh Krishna, and Netflix India’s head, Monika Shergill.

The film received unfavorable reviews from both critics and audiences. Nilesh Krishnaa, the debutant filmmaker directing ‘Annapoorani,’ faced warnings not only from Ramesh Solanki but also from Shriraj Nair, a spokesperson for the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). Nair posted on X, urging Netflix to remove the film or face legal consequences and action akin to that of Bajrang Dal.

In response to the legal challenges, Netflix has taken down ‘Annapoorani’ from its platform. Zee Studios, one of the film’s producers, informed the Vishwa Hindu Parishad that the movie would remain off the platform until certain edits were made.

‘Annapoorani’ tells the story of an ambitious woman from a Brahmin family in Srirangam, torn between her passion and traditional ideals. The character defies caste and religious differences, challenging orthodox teachings. Despite accusations of promoting ‘love jihad,’ the film focuses on the friendly relationship between Nayanthara’s character and Jai’s Farhan, with no exploration of a romantic connection.

The legal battle and subsequent removal of the film highlight the challenges faced by filmmakers dealing with sensitive topics and the growing influence of public sentiment on content platforms.