Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram Falls Short at the Box Office, Accumulates 132Cr in 10 Days

The Mahesh Babu-starrer, Guntur Kaaram, experienced a subdued second weekend at the Indian box office, accumulating Rs. 11.50 crore. Over its ten-day run, the film has garnered a total of Rs. 131.50 crore. Despite a promising start last Friday, the movie faced mixed audience reception, resulting in a decline in collections. While it performed decently during the holiday period, it struggled to sustain momentum, with the spotlight shifting to Hanuman.

The film demonstrated relatively better performance in Coastal Andhra, where Sankranti holds significant box office potential. However, losses in this region are estimated to be around 10-15% of the invested amount. In Nizam and Ceeded, where Sankranti’s impact is less pronounced, distributors face substantial losses on their investments.

Breaking down the box office collections of Guntur Kaaram in India:

Week One: Rs. 120 crore
2nd Friday: Rs. 3.75 crore
2nd Saturday: Rs. 3.75 crore
2nd Sunday: Rs. 4 crore
Total: Rs. 131.50 crore

The film has raked in nearly Rs. 120 crore from the Telugu states and is expected to conclude below Rs. 130 crore. Guntur Kaaram is set to fall short of Mahesh Babu’s previous release, Sarkaru Vaari Paata, which also underperformed but managed to earn Rs. 143 crore. Despite being released during the prime period in the Telugu states and commanding higher ticket prices, Guntur Kaaram is projected to finish below expectations.